How to Finally Get Your SSI Benefits in Charlotte, NC, Approved

Living in Charlotte, NC, with a disabling condition, isn’t easy. More challenging still is getting your disability benefits and your SSI approved. SSI stands for “supplemental security income” and is North Carolina’s supplemental payments to bring your Social Security Disability payments up to the state’s standard of living. To get your SSI in Charlotte, NC, you need to do a couple of things first.

Get Approved for SSDI

SSDI is the acronym for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Getting approval for these benefits at the federal level is extremely difficult, but if you hire a disability attorney, you have a better chance. Once your SSDI is approved, you can check with the state of North Carolina to see if your SSI requires additional documentation for approval.

Checking with the State for SSI

If you start receiving SSDI, check with the state to see if you will receive SSI in Charlotte, NC. Sometimes, the level of income in the household is too great for disability recipients to receive SSI. The state does take into account other income in your household, including your spouse’s income. If the total household income or assets is too high for SSI, you will not receive it. If you are not married or a widow(er), you should be able to claim SSI.

There are other special circumstances that might cause you to be refused SSI. Your attorney can go over your case to see if there’s anything that might cause you to be excluded from this benefit. Contact Disability Attorney Services now.

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