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by | Aug 14, 2020 | Lawyers

Imagine for a moment, there was some type of accident, and someone in the family was seriously injured. Now, the victims are no longer able to go to work each day. They have health problems that are out of their control and they don’t have any money. Maybe they are under the assumption that this is something that they will have to deal with forever. Thankfully, this isn’t always the case. Rather than going through this alone, consider hiring someone to help. Make contact with a Social Security Disability Attorney in Surprise, AZ today to learn more about how to qualify for these benefits.

First of all, the doctor is going to have to verify that there are actually health problems. He will have to provide some type of written statement. This will go into the file for the Social Security Disability benefits. The type of medication that is currently being taken will also need to go into the file. The attorney will also need to know what type of work has been done in the past. For example, maybe it was a desk job. Unfortunately, now there are problems with the back so the applicant is no longer able to sit down. If this is the case, there may be situations in which they can get a job where they are standing.

If this sounds like something that would be advantageous for this situation, you can try here on this website. This will provide information regarding setting up a free consultation appointment with a Social Security Disability Attorney in Surprise, AZ. An attorney will be happy to sit down and talk about any health problems that others may be having. At this point, they can determine whether or not someone can be considered for benefits. Often, this is a situation that will take several months. Be patient and remember that the judge is not going to award benefits if he finds out that the applicant is working. Sometimes, this case may have to go in front of the judge. When this happens, the attorney will be there to defend your rights to hopefully get the benefits that the victim is legally deserving of.

The laws overseeing social security benefits change quickly. Speak with a lawyer even if your case has been denied. Contact Slepian Smith, PLLC today.

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