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by | Mar 9, 2018 | Law

Workers compensation is an important part of workforce safety protocol. When you are injured on the job in Lockport, it must be determined if your case qualifies for financial help through this program. There are other coverage options, depending on who is deemed at fault. The best way to find out about your eligibility is to plan a consultation with a lawyer. Legal representation is always the best way to make sure that all of your due financial support is supplied.

Determination of Fault

Part of your lawyer’s job is to help determine who is at fault. You may not have a workers’ compensation case if the employer or business owner caused your injury by acting in a negligent way. Employers can be deemed negligent by not repairing equipment, failing to properly train employees, and by not following safety protocols. A lawyer knows what to look for while trying to figure out the proper course of action. Documentation, witness interviews, and inspections may all have to be taken on before a conclusion can be made.

Client Responsibility

While lawyers know a lot about workers’ compensation law, they do not know exactly what happened to you. It is up to you to fully explain the situation and offer documentation to prove the incident. Attend all doctors’ appointments and provide evaluations to your attorney. If you have any pictures of broken equipment or your injury, give them to the lawyer, as well. Legal professionals can work better when they have more complete information. Clients should be diligent about reporting important facts.

Cases involving injury at work should always be reviewed by a lawyer. A proper course of action needs to be decided on quickly to get the most coverage. Clients can help their legal representative by sharing all important information pertaining to the case.

Workers’ compensation assistance is an important part of receiving monetary relief. Seek legal counsel at Block, Klukas, Manzella and Shell, P.C. in Lockport by visiting

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