Getting the Compensation Distressed Families Deserve with Birth Injury Law Attorneys in Centerville OH

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A birth injury is traumatizing for a parent to see. When something like this happens, it raises questions to whether or not it could have been avoided. Birth Injury Law Attorneys in Centerville OH investigate these cases to discover what is to blame for an infant’s injury.

Birth injuries usually happen in transit through the birth canal, or during a cesarean section delivery. Infants had suffered from bells’ palsy when forceps caused facial nerve damage. Lack of oxygen during birth can cause a brain injury. There are several other types of birth injuries that may meet the criteria for medical malpractice too.

Seeking a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for a Birth Injury

The job of Birth Injury Attorneys in Centerville OH is to establish proof that a birth injury was due to negligence. All doctors are supposed to follow a certain protocol when rendering treatment to patients. They are expected to take certain precautions to prevent medical injuries.

When a child suffered from an avoidable birth injury, the parents are entitled to be compensated for it. Children with birth injuries may need ongoing medical attention by a nurse, or the parents need to dedicate much of their time caring for the child. This can leave parents with no time to earn money to support the family. A medical malpractice settlement replaces a loss of income.

The details regarding a birth injury case vary. Still, most cases happen where the physician failed to accurately assess the medical situation, or appropriately respond to a condition.

Proving Birth Injury Cases

The most important matter in birth injury cases is to prove the medical provider or pharmaceutical company did not deliver proper treatment. A pharmaceutical company can be sued if an infant is injured from a drug when it was stated to be safe to take during pregnancy.

Mainly, a medical professional is found legally liable for an injury when treatment was below an acceptable standard of care. An attorney will learn if this is true by the testimony of medical experts with credentials in the same field of medicine. The experts will also explain what type of medical care should have been expected to prevent the birth injury. Learn more about our attorneys on the website.

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