Filing For Benefits Through A SSD Attorney Near Chesapeake

by | May 9, 2022 | Attorney

A SSD attorney Near Chesapeake takes decisive measures to ensure that your disability claim is successful. Throughout these proceedings, your attorney fights for your right to receive disability benefits. The Social Security Administration can deny your claim based on a variety of reasons. The most common reason is a lack of sufficient evidence to support your claim. During the application process, the SSA schedules appointments for you with their doctors. In most cases, these doctors do not possess the knowledge to diagnose conditions such as mental disorders properly. If you were denied disability benefits for this reason, visit O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group today.

How to File for Social Security Benefits

Your first step is gathering all medical records related to your disability. Your attorney needs these records to produce your claim. They provide a start date for your disability and present vital details about the severity of it in terms of how it affects you. The primary objective is to show why you are unable to work and desperately need benefits to support yourself and your family. Once your attorney completes the necessary forms, your claim is filed with the SSA.

Local Disability Lawyer

O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group serves as disability attorneys for individuals who were denied social security disability and those who need assistance filing a claim to receive these benefits. They offer guidance from start to finish and protect your interests throughout. These attorneys present solid evidence of your disability to the judge to establish eligibility for these benefits and prove that the SSA’s denial of your original claim was unjust. To learn more about disability claims and appeals, contact these attorneys at the number provided on their website.


A SSD attorney near Chesapeake provides you with information related to eligibility for social security disability and the claims that are often necessary to begin your benefits. The process initially requires that you submit an application to the SSA. If you hire an attorney to assist you in this process, all information is submitted correctly without any inconsistencies. Attorneys who handle social security claims are familiar with all details that are required to file these claims successfully. To begin the application process, contact O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group today.

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