FAQS to Read Before Visiting a Federal Drug Charges Law Firm

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Law & Legal Services

Drug charges at any level are very serious but none more so than at the federal level. Before visiting or hiring a federal drug charges law firm, here are some frequently asked questions along with their corresponding answers to be read.

Q: Can the accused get out of jail before the trial?

A: This will completely depend on the circumstances of the case, but as a rule of thumb, the answer is no. This is because most of those who have been charged with any form of drug charge at a federal level are considered a flight risk and many are also considered a danger to the community. Therefore, in most cases, the accused will be kept in jail until the trial begins.

Q: What is the exact meaning of a federal indictment?

A: Simply put, a federal indictment is when a court at the federal level has charged the accused with a crime.

Q: What is the possibility of getting the federal charge bumped back down to the state level?

A: While getting charges reduced back to the state level is preferred, due to the fact that penalties are almost always less severe, the process to accomplish this can be complicated. A federal drug charges law firm can make a plea deal on behalf of the accused, the judge may decide to acquit the defendant outright or the case may be handed back to the state court due to technicalities or jurisdiction issues.

Q: How long is the prison sentence that the defendant will be facing?

A: This completely depends on the nature of the crime, any past arrests, and a multitude of other factors. It also depends on what the defendant told the police upon first being arrested. This is why a firm such as the law offices of Melissa R. Montgomery should be contacted before speaking to police or other investigators.

Hopefully, these tips can give a little more advice to those who have found themselves in the unfortunate grip of being charged with federal drug crime. Always make sure to speak to an attorney to get specific legal advice.

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