Expert Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Mansfield, CT

When you and your loved ones put your trust in medical professionals, and something goes wrong, it isn’t easy to know who to turn to for help. Medical malpractice issues have become one of the leading causes of patient deaths in the past decade. Bates & Roper Attorneys at Law can help you to resolve your issue expertly and with the best legal results.

Medical Malpractice Issues

Our attorneys have experience in handling an array of medical malpractice issues that address the negligence of medical professionals and health institutions. They will also discuss insurance coverage, funeral expenses, and punitive damages that can be an integral part of medical malpractice cases.

Our Legal Process

You will have a team of legal professionals dedicated to working for you to collect records that are integral to your malpractice claim, including medical, and insurance policy information. Our attorneys will use this information to evaluate the extent of the injury to you or your loved one and then formulate the best defense for the best results, including handling any negotiations outside of the courtroom to avoid going to trial. If this fails, our attorneys are experienced in malpractice trial cases and will present their best defense for a settlement that will suit your needs.

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Bates and Roper Attorneys at Law offer you the most thorough and experienced medical malpractice attorneys that Mansfield, CT, has to offer. We welcome you to walk in for a free consultation or give us a call at today at Phone no.

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