Do You Really Need an Estate Planning Lawyer in New York?

A lot of people are lax when it comes to hiring an estate planning lawyer in New York. Some people think that there is no value in planning their estate, other people think it will just work itself out if they have a will and an even smaller group think that their estate is not larger enough to worry about. The fact is that anyone that wants to secure their families future and their own future will be working with a trusted estate planning lawyer in New York.

The Myths

There are a lot of myths or misconceptions that swirl around estate planning, including a will is enough of an instrument. There is a big difference between a will and estate planning. While a will is typically part of the plan it is not the only instrument that is used to secure your estate. As a matter of fact, unless you have dependent children with the right planning in place, you may not even need a will.

The Facts

One of the biggest misconceptions about estate planning is that it all applies when you are dead. The reality is that estate planning has many benefits for the living including:

  • Tax savings
  • Property protection
  • Business protection
  • And more

Estate planning can help you to keep your hard-earned money out of the governments hands. It can be the vehicle to set up trusts for both personal matters and business matters. You can take advantage of the law to plan your estate to ensure it does not lose value. The fact is that many people, not just the wealthy, should take advantage of these protections and work closely with a trusted estate planning attorney. Protect yourself, your wealth and your family with the help of Neufeld, O’Leary & Giusto!

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