Defense Attorneys in Saint Paul MN Protect the Rights of People Accused of Crimes

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Lawyers

Many people who are accused of crimes, and arrested are not guilty. However, because they don’t have adequate representation, they spend time behind bars unnecessarily. The criminal court system is designed to get cases resolved as quickly as possible and therefore, most cases don’t go to trial. In many cases, prosecutors offer attractive plea bargains to defendants who had some involvement in the crime, and they accept the offer of a lesser sentence in lieu of taking their chances at a trial with a very busy public defender as their attorney. For further details, contact Brandt Criminal Defense.

Criminal defendants who have been charged with offenses that could potentially send them to prison for a long time need to hire Defense Attorneys in Saint Paul MN to handle their case. A private attorney is more likely to have the time needed to dedicate to a serious case than a public defender. Though most public defenders are very good lawyers, they are required to take on so many cases at a time that they simply can’t give their all to any one case. Many innocent people have gone to prison after their public defender did the minimum required amount of work on their case.

When protecting a defendant’s rights is important, the money it costs to hire skilled Defense Attorneys in Saint Paul MN shouldn’t be an issue. It’s simply impossible to put a price on a loved one’s freedom. Getting an attorney as soon as possible is essential to defending the rights of a person accused of a crime. Criminal defense attorneys often do their own investigations and offer evidence the courts if their cases go to trial. Public defenders don’t have the time or resources for such investigations and may only be able to subpoena witnesses to testify on behalf of their client at a trial.

To find one of the best criminal defense attorneys in St. Paul, visit These attorneys can handle a variety of criminal cases and can defend a person against crimes such drug- related offenses as well as domestic violence and theft charges. Regardless of the charges against your loved one, hire an attorney today to defend their rights.

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