Defend Mothers Divorce Rights in Hauppauge with an Experienced Lawyer

Mothers are usually the primary caretakers of their children. They take time off work to bond with their babies when they are newborns and are more likely than fathers to leave work to attend them if they are sick and can’t go to school. However, fathers have the same rights to custody as mothers when a couple gets divorced. Any mother who has been the main source of physical and emotional support for their children during the marriage needs to hire an attorney who focuses on mothers’ divorce rights in Hauppauge.

Custody cases can be very complex. More and more fathers are asking for full custody of their children, and this can cause a range of emotions for mothers. A mother might be angry, confused, and even sad to learn they may not get to put their children to bed every night. Having a lawyer on their side who will fight for their rights is the best way to ensure the court hears the mother’s side of the story.

Courts no longer require a mother to be unfit in order to award custody to the father. The arrangement merely needs to be in the best interest of the children. A lawyer who works to defend mothers divorce rights in Hauppauge could help a client through the process and ensure their children are in the best possible situation after the divorce. In many cases, it’s better for a mother to negotiate with her spouse and come to an agreement regarding custody and parenting time. This may help avoid an emotional trial as well as the expense of custody litigation.

Parents who have bonded with their children over the course of several years typically do not want to lose that bond just because they can no longer live with their spouse. A lawyer may help a mother negotiate a custody plan or fight for her in court if they are unable to come to an agreement with the children’s father. Fathers no longer have to accept they will lose their children when they divorce the mother, and they are often willing to fight for their rights. Mothers have to fight equally hard to keep their kids, and a skilled attorney from Todd J. Zimmer & Associates may be able to help.

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