Consult with an Automobile Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA Before Speaking with the Insurance Company

When you’ve been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of others, you should consult with an automobile accident attorney in Gonzales, LA before speaking with an insurance company. An insurance company is not interested in being fair; they are only concerned about keeping as much money as possible for their own company. An attorney will eliminate the additional stress the insurance company will add to your life. It’s important to focus on healing from your injuries and following your doctor’s directions. The attorney will fight for a fair settlement to pay for the medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

When someone hires an automobile accident attorney in Gonzales, LA, they don’t need to be concerned about paying legal fees. The attorney will offer a free consultation and does not require payment of legal fees unless they obtain a settlement for the victim. Automobile accidents can include collisions with a truck, motorcycle, and pedestrians. After an accident has occurred, a victim should immediately seek medical treatment. A small cut could turn into a large infection. When the adrenaline wears off after the accident it’s when pain, stiffness, numbness and other health issues can appear.

If an individual doesn’t contact an attorney quickly, the insurance company will begin calling to gather information about the accident and the injuries. The telephone call will be recorded. The insurance company will attempt to gain as much information as possible to see if the victim is a candidate for a quick settlement. An attorney can answer the questions for the victim and not divulge any more information than necessary. If someone has already been talking with an insurance company, they should not accept or sign any type of settlement without first speaking to a personal injury attorney. Once a settlement is signed, a victim cannot put any more claims against the insurance company.

Get more information about settling your case by speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They can represent clients in personal injury cases that involve any type of accident. Your financial future could depend on the outcome of a settlement from the injuries you received.

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