Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bethlehem PA Before Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Lawyers

When a large number of people are injured by the same party, sometimes they band together and launch a class action lawsuit against the perpetrator. This is a type of lawsuit where hundreds, and even thousands, of plaintiffs, sue the same defendant in one single court case. There are benefits and disadvantages to joining this type of lawsuit, and it’s a good idea to discuss them with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bethlehem PA before participating in the case.

Benefits of Class Action Lawsuits

One of the benefits of joining a class action lawsuit is the costs of litigating the suit, such as attorney’s and court fees, are spread out among all the participants. So what may have cost one person tens of thousands of dollars to litigate in court is reduced to a couple of hundred dollars per person depending on the number of plaintiffs and the attorney handling the case.

Additionally, many attorneys take these types of cases on a contingency basis, meaning the plaintiffs don’t have to pay the attorneys’ fees if they lose the case. However, they may still have to pay other costs.

Another benefit of class action lawsuits is they are typically litigated faster than if plaintiffs were to sue the defendant individually. Also, the risk of the defendant running out of money before the lawsuits are resolved is also lessened.

Disadvantages of Class Action Lawsuits

While the cost of litigating a class action lawsuit is shared, so is any money that may be awarded. This means plaintiffs may not get as much as they would have if they have sued the defendant in a separate case. Sometimes, the defendant may not be required to pay cash. Instead, plaintiffs may be given coupons for future services instead or a similar type of non-monetary award.

Another problem is plaintiffs who participate in a class action lawsuit are typically barred from suing the defendant again for the same issue. If the case doesn’t go as expected or the representatives of the group settle for too little money, there won’t be any recourse to pursue further compensation.

Plaintiffs who are notified of a class action lawsuit against a defendant who injured them should consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bethlehem PA first to ensure this is the best course of action for them. click here for more info.

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