Combating Drug Possession Charges With a Drug Defense Attorney

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Lawyers

A person is driving down the road and is pulled over. The police search the vehicle and find drugs in the vehicle. The person is arrested and now faces a possible conviction for possession of drugs. While the case might seem open and shut, there are still ways for a Drug Defense Attorney to help the accused person avoid a conviction and a criminal record.

Drugs Did Not Belong to Them

If drugs are found in the car, it’s possible everyone in the vehicle will be arrested and charged with drug possession, even if they did not know drugs were in the vehicle. A person who did not know the drugs were in the vehicle might have a chance at having the charges dismissed, but they will need help from an attorney. It can be difficult to prove the person did not have any idea the drugs were in the vehicle. If this can be proven, though, it can help the person avoid a criminal record.

Officer Did Not Have Permission to Search

Police officers need permission or probable cause to search a vehicle. If they do not have permission, they need to have a reason to look through the vehicle and find the drugs initially. A lawyer will help show the officer did not have the vehicle owner’s permission and did not have any reason to look through the vehicle. If this can be proven, it might mean the evidence for the case is dismissed. This could lead to a lack of evidence to prosecute and the charges being dropped.

Other Potential Issues With Evidence

An attorney will carefully review every part of the case to determine if there are other potential issues with the evidence that might mean the evidence cannot be used in court. They can also look for other defenses they can use to minimize the potential sentence or have the charges dismissed for their client.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drug possession, even if it looks like the case is open and shut, make sure you talk to a Drug Defense Attorney immediately for assistance. There may be a lot they can do to help you avoid a conviction or minimize the sentence you’re facing. Visit the website for now to learn more. You can follow them on Twitter.

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