Child Custody And Domestic Violence

Unfortunately there are many people that feel they are trapped in a violent relationship. In cases like this the individual needs to take into account different issues when they contemplate divorce or separation, this is especially true when there are children involved. If you are ready to make the move there are a few things that any Houston TX family law attorney will want you to do to ensure that you and your children make a safe, smooth transition.

   * Maintain excellent records: As long as you are in the same house as your abuse spouse ensures that you keep records of every incident of abuse regardless of whether it is physical or emotional or whether the abuse is directed against you or the children.

   * Arrange a safe harbor: Once the decision has been made to get out of the relationship make plans for a safe place for you and the children to go to. Try to save some money if you can, stash the money along with some clothes with a friend that understands the situation.

   * Arrange legal custody of your children: You will have to go to court and arrange for an emergency protective order. This order will keep your spouse away from you and it will give you custody of the children. If you don’t arrange this temporary order your spouse may accuse you of kidnapping the kids. At this stage the order is temporary; your Houston TX family law attorney will deal with permanent custody as the divorce proceedings progress.

Custody issues can be quite difficult even under the best of circumstances but when there is a violence issue involved matters can be worse. You will need to hire a Houston TX family law attorney to help you get out of the relationship, the attorney can guide you and your children as certain decisions have to be made for more information visit The Law Office of Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, P.C and also follow our Twitter accoutnt.

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