Best SSDI Lawyers Near Chicago Help Clients Learn The Facts of a Disability Claim

When workers apply for Social Security disability, they must meet certain eligibility requirements. Best SSDI Lawyers Near Chicago want to help clients get started by providing the correct information. Below are several things for clients to know about SSDI or Social Security disability insurance.

Work Credit Requirements

To get disability benefits, a person must work at a job that’s covered under Social Security requirements. At each job, or with income from self-employment, a person earns work credits. They must have at least 40 credits to qualify, and they can get four each year depending on income. The information can be confusing because it changes each year, and a lawyer can analyze the data to provide accurate information.

Work Limits

If a person has worked within the past year and they made more than the federal monthly limit, they will not be eligible for SSDI. Those who can still perform their job duties or find a different line of work that uses the same skills may not qualify. Again, the requirements are complex, and Best SSDI Lawyers Near Chicago can determine whether a person’s situation affects their ability to work.

Severity and Type of Disability

The SSA clearly explains some disabilities. However, some people’s problems are undefined, and the gray area can be significant. Additionally, just because a person’s disability is considered acceptable doesn’t mean they are immediately eligible.

Special Factors

Some cases require special stipulations. Examples include wounded veterans, disabled children, and those with blindness or low vision. A Social Security Attorney can work with a client through these circumstances to ensure they get the benefits they deserve.

While it isn’t necessary to work with a Social Security Attorney to apply for benefits, it can help. Those without lawyers are at risk of making serious errors that can ruin a case, and the appeals process can be tedious. It can be a challenge to apply for benefits while dealing with underlying health problems, but an Attorney knows how to handle the case. Call Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. or visit their website to find out how they can help.

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