Benefits of Hiring a Marietta Auto Accident Lawyer

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to personal injuries when traveling abroad or in the workplace, individuals tend to immediate reach for the phone and call up a personal injury attorney. When it comes to a car accident, however, many will place their trust in their auto insurance company. Not only is this often a financially unwise decision, but it can have a lifelong negative impact on the quality of an individual’s life. Outlined below are three benefits that come with hiring a Marietta auto accident lawyer here in Georgia, starting with the most important of all:

Your Insurance Agent Is Not Your Friend

As friendly as that insurance on the other end of the line may seem, what they are really doing is gathering pertinent intelligence on you and your automobile accident. They are keeping a record of every single thing that you say and when and will use this information against you to keep your settlement as low as possible.

Hiring on an experienced auto accident lawyer that is well-versed in personal injury and auto injury law here in Georgia will help keep you protected from your insurance company. Your personal injury attorney will be able to coach and counsel you on how to respond to your insurance company and when in order to ensure the fairest compensation possible for your injuries. They are also incredibly experienced with auto insurance companies, bringing us to our next point:

Experience with Auto Insurance Companies

While you may seldom interact with your auto insurance company, lawyers who have devoted themselves to this niche of the law deal with them every single day. They know how the companies work, their laws, their standards, and the process of reaching a fair settlement. Another key benefit is that an experienced auto accident lawyer will have a good idea of the kind of settlement you can expect and what type of compensation you should strive to obtain. Lastly, a Marietta auto accident lawyer will be able to get you the fastest settlement possible so that you can focus on what is most important: your recovery.

Experience in Court

The good news for those injured in a car accident is that the majority of these cases are settled outside of court. However, in the event that you do end up going to court, you will have an experienced attorney available to provide you with the coaching and counsel necessary to see your case through. In most situations, an attorney will provide guidance to his or her client throughout the court case. However, if an individual feels overwhelmed or unable to take on the case on his or her own, a Marietta auto accident lawyer will be there to step in and take over the case when requested.

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