Avoid Mistakes By Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Overland Park, KS

Parents who feel they must end their marriage have a lot of important decisions to make regarding their children. Since divorce can be especially hard on young children who don’t understand why their parents are separating, it is important for parents to try to work together to keep their children’s lives as normal as possible. One of the first issues that must be decided is where the children will live. In many cases, the parent who gets custody of the children keeps the family home. However, that might not be right for your particular financial situation. Talking to a family law attorney in Overland Park, KS might help you gain some clarity on how you will handle your joint real estate.

If you choose to stay in the house you purchased while you were married and had two sources of income, you may be burdened financially. When there is a lot of equity in the property, the spouse who stays in the house may even owe the other parent money in the divorce settlement to compensate them for their share. Assuming you cannot afford the mortgage, property taxes, and other expenses related to owning a home you may, with the help of your family law attorney in Overland Park, KS, decide that selling the property is a better option. With the proceeds of the sale, you can purchase another home or rent a nice apartment to live with your children.

Another issue you will have to work out is how much time your former spouse will spend with your children after you get divorced. Courts typically approve any reasonable visitation plan that parents agree to on their own. Your family law attorney in Overland Park, KS might recommend using mediation to help you and your children’s other parent reach an agreement about parenting time. Be sure to use a skilled law firm, such as Gilby and Haynes Law Firm LLP, which has been working with families for a very long time. By choosing an experienced attorney, you may be less likely to make mistakes that could harm your future financial situation.

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