Assessing Opportunities With Work Injury Lawyers In Whidbey Island WA

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All Texas employers must purchase and maintain worker’s compensation insurance if they wish to hire workers. This insurance offers benefits for any worker that is injured while performing their job. This may also include remote locations in which they perform duties as a representative of the company. Work Injury Lawyers in Whidbey Island WA help employees who are turned down for these benefits.

How to Apply for Worker’s Compensation Benefits

The first step is to report the injury to the worker’s direct supervisor. The supervisor must send the worker to an emergency medical facility to receive treatment. The doctor who provides treatment must complete a claim form and return it to the insurer within ten days.

After the claim is received, the claim’s adjuster evaluates the documentation for the injuries. They render a decision based on the guidelines for worker’s compensation insurance. They send a notification to the worker and their employer about this decision.

What If the Claim is Denied?

If the claim is denied, the worker has the right to file an appeal. The appeal’s process allows them a formal hearing before a judge. The judge reviews the evidence pertaining the accident that caused the injuries. They must determine if the employer was negligent or accountable for their injuries. If the judge agrees that the worker’s injuries warrant the need for benefits, they are awarded benefits according to the length of recovery.

Filing a Formal Claim After an Appeal

Workers who sustain permanent injuries or a disability may need to file a formal lawsuit against their employer. This presents them with the opportunity to face a judge and jury to acquire a judgment. The case must include surveillance footage of the accident if possible. Witnesses are also necessary to make distinctions about the accident.

Texas workers are entitled to worker’s compensation after an injury. However, they must prove that they incurred the injuries while performing work duties. They must also prove that they were wearing proper work gear. These requirements may lead to a denial of benefits and compensation. Workers who need legal assistance should contact Work Injury Lawyers in Whidbey Island WA or visit for more info about these cases today.

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