A Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix Can Help in Cases of Comparative Negligence

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Personal Injury Attorney

Some personal injury cases are more straightforward than others. You may be in a situation right now where you’re unsure how to proceed. You experienced a serious injury after a slip-and-fall incident at a place of business. It was obvious that management was neglectful about keeping the property safe for customers. The problem in your situation is that you had been drinking alcohol when the incident occurred, and the insurance company has denied your request for a settlement. You need to find out from a knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix whether or not you have a case.

You thought you could handle this situation on your own, which is why you didn’t consult a lawyer in the first place. Now you’re dealing with the issue of comparative negligence. Arizona laws actually are in your favor as compared with laws in many other states. In Arizona, the plaintiff can be 99 percent at fault and still recover some financial compensation for an accident due to the negligence of another party. The amount of money you would be able to collect, however, would be substantially smaller if you’re 99 percent at fault compared with a plaintiff who was judged to be only 50 percent or 25 percent at fault.

Perhaps your slip-and-fall accident happened because some slippery clear liquid had spilled on the floor and nobody bothered to clean it up. Perhaps some old rickety stairs collapsed as you were climbing up or down. Your Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix will work to find evidence that your having imbibed a certain amount of alcohol beforehand was not a relevant factor.

The legal team will contact the restaurant or bar where you were a customer, and see whether anyone can confirm how much you had to drink and how long this took place before the accident occurred. In addition, they may locate witnesses who were at the scene of the accident. These individuals can verify that hazardous circumstances were present. Someone else might almost have been injured, for example, and that near-miss of an accident sticks in that person’s mind.

An accident lawyer provides free initial consultations and only accepts a percentage of your settlement or court award rather than charging upfront fees. Don’t hesitate to contact an accident lawyer such as Jay A. Bansal for assistance. Visit the website to learn more.





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