A little background on workers compensation

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In the early twentieth century workplace injuries were very common; primarily this was a result in the rapid growth in industry and the demands placed on workers in industry. There was no method of compensation for those workers that were injured and a way was needed to find a way to pay compensation to those people who were injured by machinery or working conditions; as a result, workers compensation insurance was born and along with it workers compensation lawyers in Iowa City IA.

Before workers compensation laws were enacted any worker injured on the job either suffered miserably or hired a lawyer to attempt to sue. It was the lawyer’s job to recover lost wages, all medical expenses and if the injury warranted it, compensation for lost future wages. Unfortunately for the injured worker, very few cases were successful and no matter what direction the case took, the trust between worker and employer was gone forever.

If the case went to court, the lawyers of the employers had their defenses prepared, they normally were:

1. The job is risky but the employee accepted the job anyway.

2. The injury was caused by a negligent co-worker, no fault of the companies

3. The worker himself was negligent which lead to the accident

In the rare case when the court granted the worker an award, he would often have to wait a very long time to see the compensation. For a worker who could no longer earn a living, plus the accumulated fees of his lawyer, the effects were overwhelming.

The first workers compensation law to take effect in the United States was passed in 1908 and between then and 1920, most states had solidified their own laws.

What are the benefits of workers compensation?

If a worker today is injured or killed while on the job, workers compensation provides either the worker or his heirs with compensation. Although the compensation at times covers all the conditions, there are times when it does not. The downside of workers compensation is that the injured worker cannot hire workers compensation lawyers in Iowa City IA if he accepts the workers compensation deal, he, by default gives up any future recompense.

Filing a claim:

There are very few workers who are not covered by workers compensation. There are some exceptions of course; the owner of the company is one of them. When an employee is injured at work, the coverage is exceptionally broad, including such injuries as carpal tunnel, hearing loss, broken bones, etc.

If you are injured at work you should consider consulting with worker’s compensation lawyer s in Iowa City as you may wish to challenge the compensation or the employer submits that the claimed amount is excessive.

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