A Car Accident Attorney in Williston ND can Find the Right Person to Hold Liable

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It may be surprising to some that a person could be held liable for damage done to their car, even if they’re not behind the wheel. Whether a car is loaned to a friend or relative, or if there’s a manufacturing defect, drivers should be aware that they may be held responsible for an accident. In this article are several situations where a person can be forced to pay for damages occurring because of someone else’s actions.

Loaning a Vehicle to a Bad Driver

If a person loans their car to an unsafe driver, they can be liable for accidents caused by that person. In most states, both driver and owner can be named in a lawsuit under the vicarious liability doctrine. Even where there’s no owner liability law, the negligent entrustment theory can make a person liable for accidents and damage caused by the operator. For instance, parents can be held responsible for accidents caused by teenage drivers, even if the teen isn’t named on an insurance policy.

Hiring Someone to Drive a Company Car

Under the theories of respondeat superior and vicarious liability, employers and workers can be held liable for accidents occurring while in a corporate vehicle. Vicarious liability is limited to accidents occurring within the scope of employment, and it does not apply if the worker was using the vehicle for personal reasons.

When the Roads are in Poor Condition

The law indirectly allows two other situations where remote or vicarious liability may apply. One situation involves vehicle defects. In these instances, product liability suits may be an option. Moreover, several states’ laws allow a Car Accident Attorney to file suits against highway patrol officers in connection with negligent practices in highway repair and construction.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer for a Consultation

If a person is injured in an auto accident, their first step should be finding a Car Accident Attorney in Williston ND. A car accident lawyer can tell the client whether someone else’s negligent actions caused harm, and if that person or entity can be held responsible. The case’s facts should be reviewed by a Car Accident Attorney in Williston ND as quickly as possible.

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