4 Things to Know When Going Through a Divorce with a Conflict-Prone Spouse

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Lawyer

Divorces are tough even under the best circumstances, but they become much harder when a spouse provokes conflict. After a marriage ends, most people just want to move on with their lives, but that’s hard to do when an ex refuses to let go. Consider these factors if your ex is making things hard during or after a divorce.

It’s OK to Set Boundaries with Your Ex

While spouses should be able to confide in each other, that ends with a divorce. If you don’t want to listen to your ex’s complaints or discuss personal matters, you don’t have to do so. Keeping conversations unemotional and businesslike will help keep your ex from pushing your buttons.

You Can Document Everything

If your soon-to-be ex attempts to bully, harass, or threaten you, be sure to make a note of it. Keep copies of text messages, voicemails, and emails. If the behavior is relevant to an ongoing legal dispute, you may share the information with your lawyer according to family law in Rockford, IL.

Keep the Kids Out of It

Conflict-prone spouses may try to use the children as bargaining chips. A vindictive parent may try to “win them over,” ask them to spy on the other spouse, or use them to relay messages. If your ex-spouse is using the kids as leverage, notify your lawyer.

Notify the Authorities if Necessary

An ex-spouse’s combativeness and emotional manipulation may be hard to deal with, but if they move on to threatening, harassing, or abusive actions, call the police.

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