Less Common Reasons Why You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Waukegan

While most people know the common reasons that you may need a personal injury lawyer, such as being injured in a car accident or in a slip and fall incident, there are other reasons that you may need a Waukegan personal injury lawyer.

Fault Is Not Clear

If you are involved in an accident where it is not definitely clear who is at fault, you will certainly have a lawyer to help you deal with the other party’s insurance companies that will be involved in the situation. An experienced attorney will know how to defend you against the other person’s accusations and how to make sure they admit they will be responsible for paying you and how to go after them to get the remuneration that you deserve.

Multiple People

If there are multiple people involved in an accident, there will most certainly be multiple insurance companies involved. This can prove to be a minefield to maneuver and nearly impossible to do so for the average person. An experienced attorney will know exactly the proper maneuvers to perform to get you the payout that you have coming to you from the insurance company that is responsible for paying it.

In Cases Of Denial

Many times an insurance company will deny your claim just because they are banking on you not pursuing the matter any further. Insurance companies know that most people do not know how to maneuver the complicated world of law and insurance and will eventually give up. A Waukegan personal injury lawyer will ensure that this does not happen.

If you need a lawyer for your insurance claim, contact Shea Law Group today as they have team experts that stand by your side till the end of the process.

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