Getting Assistance from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Rockford, IL After a Claim Dispute

Times are tough when someone has been injured on the job and the employer or workers’ compensation insurer disputes the claim. The employee then is denied payment for medical expenses and wages not earned while they are unable to work. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Rockford, IL represents clients who are being denied their rights to fair compensation under the law.

Valid Reasons to Deny Claims

There are very few legitimate reasons why an insurer can successfully deny a claim. Even if the person was responsible for the injury through carelessness or poor judgment, eligibility should not be questioned. The insurer may have a valid reason to dispute the issue if the employee had been intoxicated on the job or roughhousing. Insurers are always watching out for fraud, so they may delay payments while they investigate if they suspect the person was injured somewhere other than work.

Providing Medical Documentation

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Rockford, IL provides documentation from physicians to the insurer that is to provide benefits. Sometimes the benefits provider requires an independent medical exam to confirm what the employee’s doctor has stated.

Considering Current Physical Activity

If investigators discover that the claimant is physically active while off the job, this may be an issue also. They’ll understand that the person is probably able to drive and grocery shop, but playing tennis or kayaking will probably cause skepticism in regard to temporary disability.

Common Causes of Job-Related Injury

Workers’ comp benefits providers know the most common causes of job-related injuries, and they are likely to keep a closer eye on the more unusual claims. Repetitive strain is common, for example, as is back and neck pain due to posture issues while working on a computer.

Slip and fall incidents on slippery surfaces, falls from ladders and heights, and being cut with sharp objects are all examples of common types of claims. Straining muscles during heavy lifting or pulling can cause injury, as can working with machinery that malfunctions. Anyone dealing with a disputed claim may contact a firm such as Clark Frost Williams Zucchi for assistance. See for details.

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