Four Reasons to Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX for a Felony

A person facing a felony charge is going to be facing more than just a year or longer in jail. They are also facing the loss of several of the civil rights afforded to those who have not had a prior felony conviction. When a person is facing their first felony conviction, they’ll want to work with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX to try to find a way to avoid the conviction and save their rights. Four of the rights they can lose will include the following:

1. Right to Bear Arms – A felon cannot possess a firearm at all for a five-year period after their incarceration ends. After this time, they can apply to restore their gun rights. Even when the rights are restored, they are severely limited. The person will be able to have a gun in their home again but will not be able to take the gun out of the home.
2. The Ability to Hold Public Office – A person who has been convicted of a felony can not run for a public office position. This means they cannot run as clerk of the court, governor, mayor, or other positions. This cannot be restored unless they receive a full pardon for their conviction.
3. The Ability to Vote – The felon will not be able to vote while they are in jail. Once they are released from jail, however, this right is going to be restored. This could stop a person from voting in major elections depending on how long they are in jail.
4. Jury Duty – A person cannot serve on a jury at any time after their conviction. This is one right that cannot be restored after a certain period of time.

These are just four of the rights a person convicted of a felony loses. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX can help them prevent the loss of these felonies by having the charges dropped, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor instead of the felony or by having the person found not guilty in trial. The outcome of each case and the chance of the person not being convicted of a felony depends on a variety of factors. To speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rockwall TX today about your case, Contact Law Offices Of Tim Hartley now.

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