Fathers Need a Child Custody Attorney in Oswego, IL

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyer

Child custody disputes and divorces can be very complicated, and the emotional aspects of a case can increase its complexity. When making child custody decisions, courts have historically favored mothers as the ones who should have physical custody. However, gender roles are shifting, and fathers are increasingly seeking full custody of their children. Below are a few tips to help fathers achieve an equitable child custody arrangement.

Be a Good Negotiator

Before heading into a costly and lengthy custody battle, a father and mother should negotiate a parenting plan. By making an agreement on custody, visitation, decision-making and other important factors, parents can avoid the emotional turmoil, frustration, and cost of a court case. Parenting agreements are the goal of all custody disputes, and courts often insist on one before concluding the custody portion of a case.

Be Involved in the Children’s Lives

A child custody attorney in Oswego, IL may advise a father to be there for his children by picking them up from school, attending parent/teacher conferences, doctor appointments, recitals and so forth. By doing so, the father can show the court that he’s a crucial part of the child’s life and that he will do what’s necessary to be a good parent.

Use Earning Capability As Leverage

In today’s economy, men have a higher average earning power than women have. Fathers can benefit during custody cases by using their higher income to indicate that they can be a better provider for the child. While it may seem petty, it can make a stronger case for full custody. When a father has the means to provide for his children without relying on state aid, the courts usually consider him the fit parent.

Have References

Along with the establishment of financial stability, a father should establish his capabilities in others’ eyes. Fathers can ask family members, friends and coworkers for affidavits that attest to his parenting ability. When judges decide which parent’s story to believe, a father has a higher chance of winning custody if he has evidence to back up his claims.

With these tips, a father can get on the way to preparing for a custody case. However, it’s important to understand that other factors affect a judge’s custody and visitation decisions, especially if the father was never married to the child’s mother. Consult a child custody attorney in Oswego, IL with¬†Visit the website for more help or to set up a consultation.

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