Contact a Divorce Attorney in Dayton Oh When Considering Divorce

Although most people who marry intent to be with their spouse for life, it doesn’t always work out that way. When things get tough, many couples start to consider divorce. Even if a person is not sure they really do want to get a divorce, they may consider speaking with a Divorce Attorney in Dayton Oh for advice and to get clarification on what may happen if they do go through with the divorce.

A person may consider divorce for a variety of reasons. If they suspect infidelity, for example, they may want to contact a lawyer to find out what evidence will be needed and if the infidelity is going to impact the outcome of the divorce. Ohio is one of a few states that allows for at-fault divorces, so the evidence of the other spouse’s behavior may have a large impact and should be carefully collected before the divorce proceeds. This may also be the case when the person wants to divorce based on cruelty or abuse, a neglect of duty, alcoholism, imprisonment, and other cases. This could also be the case if the couple was separated for more than a year.

Another reason for a consultation before the decision to divorce has been made is to find out what could happen as far as child support, custody, and other arrangements. The person will be able to find out what the chances of child support are, what needs to be done to remove a child permanently from an abusive parent, or what needs to be considered to successfully co-parent once the divorce is finalized. The advice received at a consultation can help a person determine if they want to go ahead with the divorce or try to work on any issues and try to save the marriage.

A person doesn’t need to wait to speak with a Divorce Attorney in Dayton Oh until they’re ready to file for divorce. They can contact the attorney as soon as divorce is a possibility so they can get advice on what steps they need to take, how they need to act, any evidence that needs to be collected and more. Speaking with the attorney doesn’t mean the divorce is imminent, it just lets the person find out what their options are.

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