Child Visitation Should Be Handled by an Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Frederick

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Family Law

Every family has their own set of unique circumstances when it involves determining child custody. Very rarely will both parents be prohibited from seeing their child, and the court encourages the parents to work in the best interest of the child. Criminal convictions for various crimes can also be considered in determining child visitation. These criminal convictions include other members in the house where the child would be living or visiting. There are many laws and regulations surrounding custody and visitation of a child that should be thoroughly discussed with a child custody attorney in Frederick.

Will Drugs or Alcohol Affect Child Custody?

In 2011, the laws changed surrounding child custody in Pennsylvania. Drug and alcohol abuse can affect a parent’s ability to have custody of their child or see them unsupervised. The court will not put a child in harm’s way and is only concerned about a child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being.

Domestic Violence

In the past, domestic violence was to be considered in child custody cases. A study released showed that men who abused a woman are 40-60% likely to also abuse a child. Domestic violence is taken very seriously in determining child custody and should be discussed with a family law attorney.

Types of Custody

Physical custody can be shared by both parents or awarded solely to one parent. A parent could be awarded primary, partial, or supervised physical custody. Child visitation is very important to both parents and it can be difficult to understand the various types of custody without the legal guidance of a child custody attorney in Frederick.

What Does the Court Take into Consideration When Determining Custody?

The court is mainly concerned about the best interest of the child, which could include which parent will encourage and permit continuing contact with the other parent. They consider which parent performed their parental duties, past abuse of the other parent or child, stability and continuity of the child’s education, and much more.

Child custody orders are rarely changed unless a significant change of circumstances occurs. It’s important to obtain a detailed child custody order with the help of the Russell and Heffner LLC.

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